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AZATHOTH (Instrumental)

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  1. Samular
    Azathothis the horrific cosmic entity and 'creator deity' who remains asleep and unmoving within the Centre of Ultimate Chaosbecause his power is so great that by even slightly moving, could obliterate countless realities.
  2. Kazrahn
    Azathoth, also known as the Blind Idiot God, the Daemon Sultan, and the Nuclear Chaos, is the overarching antagonist of the Cthulhu Mythos, created by the late horror-fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft.
  3. Gugami
    "Azathoth" is a poem of dream states alchemically combusting, a transcription of what it's like to give oneself to the void. The name refers to a demon of sorts that is mentioned in some of Lovecraft's novels, but before I knew that I thought it was a corruption of azoth, which in alchemy, is the ultimate medicine/5(53).
  4. Malakus
    Though Absu was previously called Azathoth for a brief time, they did not release any material under this name. Absu were friends with this band and when they changed their name from Azathoth to Absu, they gave this band the name and logo. Absu and this Azathoth are two separate bands with no overlapping members, and the rehearsals and demos listed below were recorded and released after Absu's.
  5. Akimuro
    Dec 12,  · There are at least 7 bands with the name Azathoth, most of which have either disbanded or have vanished into obscurity. Given this fact, the two most recent bands of this name will be listed. 1. Black Metal band from Fresno, California 2. Solo project of Black/Doom multi instrumentalist Azathoth, who also plays in the black/doom band Gurthang.
  6. Kigataxe
    Aspects, sections, fragments of Azathoth exist in our universe, and that universe may well exist within Azathoth. Even existence itself may be an abstraction limited to our reality, which is meaningless in Azathoths realm. To attempt to understand the whole of Azathoth is to court madness and chaos.
  7. Mibar
    25 most recent dev posts that mention "Azathoth" Destromathe: Hulker Hell to PTS. 4 years ago (October 5, , pm) Hey Joe, Looks like this is a bug, thanks for pointing it out. Azathoth is actually a radiation Blast Rifle, but the icon on it currently says incendiary. We will fix this shortly.
  8. Malarr
    Azathoth is a deity in the Cthulhu Mythos and Dream Cycle stories of H. P. Lovecraft and other authors. Its epithets include The Nuclear Chaos, The Daemon Sultan and The Blind Idiot God, who unintentionally created the universe & sits at the center of it. He is said to be a .

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